Customer Success Specialist

Full-Time in United States - %LABEL_POSITION_TYPE_REMOTE_ANY% - Sales

Position Overview:

We help our customers get more customers, it's as easy as that.

To do that it is imperative that they continue to receive massive value from us to be lifelong customers.

As such, we need an experienced Customer Success Specialist to own the process of helping our customers succeed.

This role includes responsibilities for Customer Success activities (e.g., on-boarding, support calls, advising customers on sales strategies, demo calls, adoption, advocacy, retention, etc.) and outcomes (e.g., renewals, up-sell, etc.).

This is a remote position but you need to be based in the US and be willing to work Pacific hours.

What We Offer:

In addition to paid holidays, you receive 3 weeks paid time off the first year, and 4 weeks after one year of employment.

The pay range is $54,000 - $60,000 per year based on experience.


  • Drive Customer Success Outcomes
    • Increase renewal rates and reduce churn
    • Expand our revenue in accounts through cross-sell and up-sell
    • Influence future lifetime value through higher product adoption, customer satisfaction and overall health scores
    • Drive new business growth through greater advocacy and reference-ability
  • Define and Optimize Customer Lifecycle
    • Map customer journey
    • Develop listening points in journey (e.g., usage, satisfaction, etc.)
    • Standardize interventions for each point in journey
    • Define segmentation of customer base and varying strategies
    • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement
    • Learn from best practices in industry
  • Manage Customer Success Activities
    • Onboarding
    • Training
    • Professional Services
    • Customer Support
    • Customer Success Management
    • Renewals
    • Cross-sell / Up-sell
    • Advocacy
  • Measure Effectiveness of Customer Success
    • Define operational metrics for team
    • Establish system for tracking metrics
    • Create cadence for review within team
    • Expose subset of metrics to executive team, company and board
  • Deliver Sales Related Advice and Strategies to Customers
    • Understand how sales processes function
    • Be able to advise our customers who may be in high level roles
  • Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency Through Technology
    • Support systems
    • Customer marketing software
    • Reference and advocacy solutions
    • Create rapid onboarding process for new team members
    • Foster collaboration within team and across customer lifecycle
    • Delivering webinars on a weekly basis
    • Encourage continuous learning within team
  • Inspire Customer Success Across Company
    • Create company-wide culture of Customer Success
    • Align with Marketing around marketing to existing clients
    • Align with Product around driving product roadmap
    • Align with Sales around cross-sell and up-sell and focus on selling with a retention focus
    • Align with Finance around measurement and forecasting
    • Align with Executive Team around key metrics and objectives
    • Drive company-wide definition of ideal customer
    • Create company-wide customer feedback loop
  • Produce two pieces of blog content per month
    • One should be a case study of a customer
    • One should be a LeadFuze best practices piece

Required Experience / Skills:

  • 3+ years experience in leading customer-facing organizations
  • Strong grasp of technology (software & process)
  • Ability to manage influence through persuasion, negotiation, and consensus building
  • Ideally combined background of post-sale account management and sales experience
  • Strong empathy for customers AND passion for revenue and growth
  • Deep understanding of value drivers in recurring revenue business models
  • Analytical and process-oriented mindset
  • Demonstrated desire for continuous learning and improvement
  • Enthusiastic and creative leader with the ability to inspire others
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Experience within a software company preferred
  • Ability to write well crafted emails and blog posts are a must

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